markilux construct
System: Modular.
Design: Flexible.
Size: Infinite.

The frame system markilux construct is a sophisticated system consisting of posts and connecting elements, which can be combined to any area and size as a simple modular system. It doesn't matter whether you would like to have shade directly at your house or in the middle of your garden - at your favourite spot with a splendid view.


The modular frame system markilux construct is based on the post support module of the markilux syncra series. A sturdy clamping ring serves to regulate the height on the frame system post. Supporting elements can thus be engaged and connected with each other. In this way, rectangular or square base areas can be shaded with a mixture of markilux awnings.


Ideal for large awning landscapes with freely selectable roof inclination as well as, depending on the construction type, post heights of up to four and a half metres.


Modular and flexible


Perfect sun and weather protection tailored to size with a multitude of awning models, covers and additional features.

Different awning models by markilux, such as the conservatory awning, combined with the pergola system and the folding arm awnings with lateral fastening, and additional adjacent vertical or side awnings. Many different options for generously-sized shady areas are provided.


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