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Award-winning awnings from markilux

Those who demand products of the highest quality and in the most elegant of designs will not want to miss these criteria in their awning. An awning forms part of a façade and consequently plays a part in determining the overall impression of a building. In ideal cases, it integrates itself into the design concept that the architect is trying to achieve and reflects stylistic elements of the architecture or discreetly emphasizes them. The desire to bring something new, of great value and with a visually appealing design onto the market is a markilux brand strategy that works.

Numerous excellent awning models have been created, above all in cooperation with Professor of Design Andreas Kramer. Whether in front of the committee adjudicating the Red Dot or iF Awards, the awnings have been able to convince the jury by virtue of their outstanding and harmonious design.

markilux - Made in Germany

markilux is one of the largest German brand name in awnings and for more than a quarter of a century now we have been making sure that life on the balcony and the patio is made even more enjoyable.

We are bringing two sets of skills to this task: on the one hand our technical understanding of design engineering, and on the other a highly developed knowledge of textiles. We design and produce every part of our highly durable, light and creative frameworks and mechanisms in house – to measure, for your own personal place in the sun. And the stunning covers available for your markilux (which can also be ordered separately) are also designed and produced by us.

markilux is not market leader without reason - our clients consider us the experts of attractive sun shades. Shades that last a small eternity.

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The innovative awning shield *markilux planet*

The innovative awning shield markilux planet

Just as a planet moves around the sun, the markilux planet in flex version can be pivoted to 335 degrees. The Easy Go pivot/lever mechanism ensures easy adjustment. The markilux planet with its unique optics provides an ideal design element for your favourite place in the garden. 

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The balcony and patio awning *markilux 5010*

The balcony and patio awning markilux 5010

The new design has shown itself to be modern and exclusive - from the cassette right through to the fixture brackets. The shape of the cassette is clear, classically modern and without superfluous decoration.

The strong folding arms with different upper and lower arm lengths give the awning great stability and the cover superb tautness when the awning is fully extended. All screws and basic components are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

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The patio and balcony awning *markilux ES-1*

The patio and balcony awning markilux ES-1

The only awning in the world completely made of semi-matte brushed V4A stainless steel!

The elegant, strong gas piston-tensioned arms ensure particularly good cover tautness - even when the awning is only partially extended.

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The stable awning system *markilux pergola 210*

The stable awning system markilux pergola 210

Stylish atmosphere outdoors is a trend that has prevailed in the past years already for high-quality garden furniture and garden and patio accessories. Inside and outside are slowly morphing into each other.

Whoever is used to spend time in stylish surroundings would also like to turn his living space outdoors into an oasis of wellbeing.

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The new design edition *markilux neo*

The new design edition markilux neo

The relaxing furniture and accessories are very trendy in objectively elegant gray and anthracite with delicate edging in neon yellow and pink.

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Outdoor cushion collection *markilux comfort* abstract

Outdoor cushion collection markilux comfort abstract

The markilux collection comfort presents premium cushions and poufs featuring four design alternatives and several sizes. For a perfectly comfortable life outdoors – or indoors.

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Conservatory awnings by *markilux*

Conservatory awnings by markilux

The intelligent climate control – for the home and for the environment: markilux window and winter garden awnings temper, cool, keep heat, protect. And they make any climate perfect – with a minimum of effort. Intelligent technology and outstanding aesthetics included.

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Awnings for *patio and balcony*

Awnings for patio and balcony

The definition of the perfect awning is basically simple: location and personal taste are the two determining parameter. In general, there are cassette awnings, semi-cassette-awnings, open style awnings, side screens to choose from. For the creation of additional room outside, markilux offers special large scale awning systems.

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